Picnics at Work

I know my days are numbered for wearing dresses so I'm squeezing them all in while I can.
This print could be straight from the picnic I had with my girls last week but I'm owning it and loving it.  The print and the cut of the dress make it easy and comfortable but pairing it with the right accessories make it work wearable.  I'm always looking for pieces that transition with my day.  Everyone talks about transitional pieces but they are only referring to transitioning between seasons.  I love pieces that move form one season to another and work with me throughout my crazy days and not against me.

As a Realtor I work out in the field, in my office and from home so I don't like pieces that are uncomfortable and constricting because I don't have time to change several times a day.
I've made that mistake before where I put on a work outfit, change for school pickup and running errands, and then back to work outfit to show houses in the evening.  That's too much work so a look that transitions through my day is ideal.  This dress hits all the requirements of transitioning in both forms.  I've added a jean jacket to it for a cooler morning and it's so comfortable so I can play mom in it as well.  A quick change of the shoes makes it all possible.

This print makes me swoon- it's an oversized buffalo check.  It creates so much more interest than a solid color.  A print is a subtle way to add personality to your look.  To make it appropriate for work I've added a black suede pump, a large rhinestone necklace, and my traditional arm candy.  If you wanted to add a pop of color I would suggest doing that with a clutch.

My exact dress is currently unavailable but here is a similar look:

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