Fall Bucket List

Last week I thought Fall had officially arrived since we had cooler weather but of course this weekend we planned on kicking off our Fall Festivities and we were graced with 92 degree weather, lol!  I love a checklist, it's my Type A personality, so I'm sharing with you our Fall Bucket List.  Not only do I love a good list but we are so busy that it helps me remember to add some fun in.

At the top of our list is picking out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch.  We used to love going to Single Palm Pumpkin patch where you got to pick your own pumpkin from the vine but they are no longer in business so this year we went to a very popular patch on First and Nees.  It was like a mini fair without the long lines and expensive price tag so it was a total win.  Voa Voa and Grandma joined us and we enjoyed some rides, ate snow cones, and picked out pumpkins.  It was the perfect afternoon, minus the heat.  Yes I love the heat but just wasn't prepared for it to be so hot.

The girls were so excited to wear their new bat shirts from Chaser Kids.  I don't know how Chaser does it but they have the softest material I think I've ever felt.  Chaser is designed in Los Angeles and is a contemporary clothing line that likes to take inspiration from the past but look forward.

Who loves Chaser?!?!?...
We do!

Chaser offers girls and boys clothing and they have the best variety.  I love all their graphic tees and holiday gear.  Chaser also offers women's clothing that you definitely need to check out.
You can find the girls tees HERE.

Emily finding the perfect pumpkin to carve...

These girls loved running up and down the aisles with the wagon.  Luckily there weren't many people so I let them have fun!  Daddy was about to yell at them to stop and I said let them be kids.  Seeing their smiles and hearing their laughter was totally worth it.

The day was so hot we had to cool off with snow cones.  I'd like to add this was on our summer bucket list not our fall one, lol!  I had to share this photo because Emily's face almost makes me pee my pants.  "What did you say?!?!?... Back off my snow cone!"

Stay tuned for more on our Fall Bucket List.  What's on your list this Fall?

Tees received in exchange for this review.  As always all opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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