So Cute It's Scary- Halloween 2017

We had a spooky, scary good time on Halloween!  Not only was the day filled with so much fun but the whole month of October was filled with festivities.  Take a look at all our shenanigans:

The girls wanted to be Disney princesses this year.  Lucky for me Madi requested Ariel and I just happened to have an Ariel dress hanging in the closet from last year! WooHoo!  Emily was Cinderella and both girls looked so beautiful!  Our tradition for several years now is to celebrate at the Serpa's house and trick or treat in their neighborhood.  It was a super fun party as usual and the girls made out with their loot!

It wouldn't be Halloween without carving pumpkins.  Emily wanted to carve Cinderella since that was her costume this year and naturally Madi followed suit and wanted to carve Ariel.  Boy, mom had to help a lot with those; they were a bit tough to do.

Madi's school celebrated last week which worked out well since Emily's school celebrated on actual Halloween.  Madi had a costume parade, a pumpkin patch and Halloween brunch.  She was so excited to march around for everyone and was thrilled to have mommy, daddy and Voa Voa come watch.

Emily's school also had a costume parade where they marched through each classroom.  She came out of nearly every room and said, "I saw my friend so and so!"  It was so cute to see how social she is and how wonderfully she's adjusting to big girl school.  After the parade her class had a pizza party that was very cute and fun.  

Last week we attended a Trunk or Treat at Emily's gym.  It was adorable and another excuse to get use out of their costumes is perfect in my book.

Did you get Boo'd this year?!?!  It's a fun tradition that we've done for the past few years.  We got boo'd and we boo'd a few friends.

Party of our October fun included a trip to Avila Valley Barn.  We fed the animals, took a hayride, and just explored.  We've been before but honestly I was disappointed this year.  Everything looked run down, especially on the hayride and it just wasn't that exciting.

More pictures from our local trip to the pumpkin patch are included in a past post but it wouldn't be October without picking out our pumpkins to carve.

Also in case you want to save ideas for the future I shared some super easy recipes here including this Candy Corn Crunch that is to die for!

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