Sweet Emily Turns 6!

Emily awoke on her birthday and proudly stated that she was taller now that she was 6 and by golly I think she actually was.  I stared at my beautiful girl and saw a taller and more mature little girl.  Kevin and I can not begin to fathom where the time went and how we have a six year old (who's going on 26).  Emily started her day off with a donut cake followed by a day of spoiling in her class and finished with a pizza party with the grandparents at home.  I think its safe to say that Emily had a fun and blessed day.

Emily brings so much light into our world and we are so blessed by her.  She has developed a bit of shyness and timidness that is fairly new but she is still very social, connected and friendly.  She has a huge empathetic heart and wants everyone to be happy.  This week she's voiced a struggle with turning six because she doesn't want to grow up and always wants to be my baby.  I've reassured her that no matter her age, 6 or 26 she was always be my baby and the girl who made me a mama.  This has given her some comfort but I sense a bit of jealousy for her sister who is the baby of the family. 

Emily is doing great in school and truly loves it.  From her reports it sounds like she has lots of friends including all the way up to 7th grade.  She's in love with her teacher (who wouldn't be) and is excited to complete her school work.  Emily is still involved with gymnastics and attends weekly with Voa Voa.  They seem to thoroughly enjoy their one on one time and Emily can't wait to come home and show us her cartwheels and round-offs.  She's been riding her "momo" often with daddy and is getting quite confident; standing while speeding along.  Emily continues to be a little artist and loves to paint, draw and color in her free time.

I am so proud of our Emily and love that I get a front row seat to her growth.  I love the moments and also can't wait to see the young woman she will become.  Love and blessings to Emily Grace on her 6th birthday.

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