Dark Places: Book Review

Well it's a miracle I learned how to read again!!!  I used to be a book worm and loved reading a good book especially in the Summer by the pool.  However, I don't know what happened but I seemed to set down the books and just run out of time.  I became so tired that in my free moments or at the end of the day I chose to watch mindless television instead of feeding my mind.  I'm happy to report I've started reading again and wanted to share my reviews with you.

All the books I've read recently came from recommendations from my girlfriend Rema of Jewelry and Jeans.   Rema liked this book, Dark Places by Gillian Flynn and I've loved other books from this author so I decided to give it a try.

It's a quick and easy read but I give it about a B.  It's worth reading but not a page turner and not at the top of any list.  It's about a troubled young woman who was the only survivor in a tragic shooting when she was a young girl.  Her mother and two sisters were killed and her brother went to jail for the murders.  Decades later her past is reopened and she starts to uncover that the truth may be far different than what it seemed many years before.  The book follows her journey to uncover the truth.

The main character wasn't a very likable person and to be honest I'm not sure I loved or connected with any of the characters.  What I did like was that the story was told from present day as well as from the past.  It jumped back and forth which kept it a bit more interesting.  Also capturing my attention was telling the story from several points of view.

If you have any book recommendations I'd love to hear them!

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