Meal Planning- July

After touching on meal planing in yesterdays post I thought I'd share my latest meal plan calendar with you and revisit some tips.  Meal planning helps me to actually get a meal on the table every night and take the guess work out of dinner.  Cooking isn't my problem, its coming up with what to eat.  If I meal plan then I don't have to think about it.

If you want to create your own I have a few suggestions.  First type out all the meals you make and your family likes to eat.  I list them all on the side of the calendar and then start dragging them to the days.  That way I can see everything together and then plan them strategically.  Next, put things together that make your cooking easier.  For example, rigatoni and taco salad are close together.  This way I only have to brown ground beef once and separate for two different meals. Another example is chicken ranch tacos and chicken quesadillas.  I just put in extra chicken in the crockpot for the first meal and save some for the next night.

This has also helped with grocery shopping and saving money.  In one Walmart Grocery pickup I'm able to grab the majority of the items.  Of course I can't buy everything at the start of the month because they won't last but this has helped so much for planning for the store.

Let me know if you have any questions or want a recipe.  Also please share your favorite (EASY) recipes with me; I'm always looking for something new to switch things up around here.

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