Friday Favorites 6/29

Summer needs to slow way down!  It's flying by but we are loving every minute of it.  We're still doing swim lessons and the girls are doing fabulous.  It only took Madi two lessons and she is swimming like a pro.  Both girls are working on strokes now.

We've also been busy with playdates, eating sweet treats, lots of pool time and spending time with family.

Emily lost her third tooth this last weekend and she was so excited.  I just love the innocence of children and how the small things in life mean so much to them.  After bath she found a gift on her bed and it was a personalized pillow from the tooth fairy with the perfect spot to put her tooth.  Mommy loves the pillow which is so much easier to grab the tooth than under the pillow where she lays her head (or so the Tooth Fairy tells me).  When Emily awoke (way too early) she was busting at the seams with excitement to find that the Tooth Fairy brought more than just money.  

The Tooth Fairy has upgraded and bought a package from Passport4Change which is a fun way to interact with the Tooth Fairy.  Passport4change teaches about geography, currency, math and social studies.  The Tooth Fairy brings an authentic coin from her travels around the world and leaves the coin and a little note about her travels.  The first visit she brings a map and a passport holder for the coins.

I just think this is such a great idea and based on Emily's reaction it was a home run.  I'm so excited to introduce Geography to her in this unique way.  Plus Passport4change was created by an amazing husband and wife team located right here in Fresno.  

Lost Tooth- Passport4change

Lost Tooth- Passport4change

Blogging has connected me with such remarkable women and I am so thankful.  We live in a really competitive world and it's funny (not funny) to see who wants to cut you and who wants to build you up.  Life is about surrounding yourself with people who want to help you grow and the Fresno Fab Females is a place where influencers can come together to network and share ideas.  Love these women and I hope you follow along with me on my Insta to check out these stunning women.

Last week we gathered at Melissa Gotelli's beautiful home where she taught a photography class.  I learned so much and I need the class at least 5 more times!  Thank you Melissa for hosting and sharing your knowledge; you're the best!

Fresno Fab Females

It always brings a huge smile to my face when someone shares my content.  Also a small update on Monat Hair Care from Jessica Visser.  I've noticed that my roots are so much softer and smooth with far less fly aways.  My ends still seem dry like they always have but it takes months to give this line a real shot.  Stay tuned for more details and results.

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are honest and my own.  Thank you for supporting the brands and companies that have received my stamp of approval!

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