Cinco de Mayo Crafts & Treats

We love celebrating all holidays to the fullest and that usually includes a craft or two and lots of yummy treats. The girls and I worked on the crafts and treats together and had a fun afternoon together.  We made cactus rocks, paper plate sombrero hats, sombrero cookies and cactus pretzel sticks.

You need some rocks, green paint, sponge paint brushes and white chalk paint pen for the cactus rocks.  You may also want small clay pots to display your cactus. For the paper plate sombrero hats you need paper plates & cups in the color of your choice.  As well as some colored Sharpie pens, stretch string, vibrant craft pom poms and a hot glue gun.

The cactus rocks are very simple to make.  You paint, let dry and then draw on the small white lines.  For the hats I hot glued the cups to the middle of the paper plate and asked the girls what pom poms they wanted to use and where they wanted them placed.  I handled those two steps so they wouldn't burn their fingers.  Then the girls used the colored Sharpies to decorate the plates.  The last step is making two small holes on either side of the plate and inserting the stretch string.

The sombrero cookies are just regular sugar cookies with red icing, gumdrops and rainbow sprinkles.  After making the cookies place red icing around the perimeter as well as a dot in the middle.  Place gumdrop in the middle and sprinkles around the gumdrop and perimeter.

I packaged the cookies and the girls delivered them to the neighbors with a note that said, "Fiesta like there's no manana."

The cactus pretzel sticks are pretzel sticks, green melting chocolate, and white sprinkles.  Melt the chocolate and dip the pretzels.  Before they dry sprinkle with the white sprinkles.

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