Fun Easter Week Traditions & Activities

Traditions mean so much to me; they remind me of my childhood and bring such joy to my heart.  I hope that my children will continue these one day and fondly think of their childhood memories.  We take any excuse to celebrate, craft or create and here are some of our traditions:

1. Decorate Easter cookies
2. Easter Picnic and/or Lunch
3. Easter Crafts
4. Dying Easter Eggs

We love making cutout sugar cookies for Easter and a few other holidays.  It's one messy day but the smiles and laughter make it all worth it.  I swear each time I try a new royal icing recipe and I've yet to find one that works so please share if you have a good one!

During Easter Week we build up to the actual holiday with lots of mini celebrations.  The first was an Easter inspired lunch with bunny sandwiches.  They take a little bit of time to assemble but with the right cookie cutters it's an easy task.  I had the oval, bunny head and flower cutters as well as the candy eyes already so I didn't have to pickup any supplies.  I made the sandwich and then used the bunny cookie cutter to cut it out.  I used the oval cutter to cut the ears and cheeks.  I just used a knife to cut the cheese nose and the flower cutter for the flower embellishments.  You can see more details from the lunch HERE.

We love doing crafts together but since we were in unprecedented times I wanted our crafts to double as a pay-it-forward lesson for the girls.  Our two Easter crafts also doubled as gifts to spread kindness, love and joy.  First, we made carrot feet that we sent to a local retirement home.  Then we made bunny cookies that we hand delivered to our neighbors.  You can see how to do these crafts HERE.

In addition to an Easter lunch, we took another lunch outside and had an Easter picnic. I thought it was a fun twist on lunch to do all bite size food and put in an egg carton.  The girls got a kick out of it and I think I'll replicate this picnic lunch in a muffin tin during other times of the year.

It wouldn't be Easter without dying eggs a few days before.  I always pick up a kit or two at the Dollar Store and you couldn't find more fun for a dollar.  The only issue this year was finding eggs at the store to hard boil!!!!  I scored 18 and we dyed those and I used plastic eggs to supplement the hunt.

Last but not least is confetti eggs.  My sister in law always brings over confetti eggs on Easter but this year we didn't get together with everyone because of quarantine.  Luckily, another family member hid these confetti eggs in our yard so we had a mini hunt and then lots of fun busting open the eggs.

What are your favorite Easter traditions?  I love hearing new ideas!


  1. I love the Easter snack set up love it.

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