How to Throw an Easter Lunch with Bunny Sandwiches

I take holidays very seriously; I'll take any reason to celebrate!  This year especially called for extra fun and festivities (thank you Corona) so leading up to Easter we had lots of fun moments including this Easter lunch.  I love doing stuff like this because it doesn't take much effort but it means so much to my girls.  I hope one day they look back at all these memories and want to continue these traditions with their children.

Luckily, I had everything I needed to make these bunny sandwiches.  I made the sandwich as usual and then use a cookie cutter to make the bunny head.  Another cookie cutter to cut out ham to make the ears and the same cutter to make the cheeks.  I used a knife to make the cheese nose and I had the edible eyes in my pantry.  Lastly, I used a small flower cookie cutter to cut out the cheese to put aside the sandwich.

Decor is super simple with RePlay tableware and our letter board.  I love that I can reuse these over and over and they add the perfect touch to the kids table for any little holiday celebration.

No celebration is complete without dessert!  These Peep Pops were the perfect sweet treat.  I dipped cones in chocolate and then sprinkled with pink pearls.  Added a scoop of ice cream and topped with a Peep.  Simple but fun and sweet!

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