Easter Bunny Brunch

There isn't a holiday that goes by that I don't do a special breakfast.  The surprise element is long gone but there isn't any less excitement from the girls and now Jack wants in on the fun.  I keep everything simple and affordable so it doesn't take a lot of time or money. I use many things over and over in order to accomplish that.  Most of the time I use our colorful RePlay tableware but I had these supplies left over from a party so I decided to use them.  I made the garland years ago from paint sample cards and the only other decor was some fresh tulips and our letter board.

I like to fill Easter baskets mostly with items the girls need so that I'm not spending a lot of extra money.  These are things I would be buying anyway for the next season.  The exception this year was the tennis racket and tennis ball that each girl got.  Otherwise they each got a book, swimsuit, sandals, t-shirt, water bottle/thermos, scrunchie and candy.  Baskets usually have no more than 1 small candy item because they get plenty throughout the holiday from other people.

Jack's basket was very light because a few of my orders were delayed or all together canceled.  Of course he didn't notice so I just went with what arrived.  He got a tennis ball, chalk, and books.

The menus for my holiday breakfasts are usually pretty simple but this year takes the cake, lol.  I only served bunny cinnamon rolls but but they were huge and satisfied my little guests.  I unrolled a cinnamon roll, cut to desired length and made a big U on top of another roll.  Then I pushed the the middle down to make the shape of bunny ears.  Bake as normal, top with frosting, sprinkles and a marshmallow for a tail.

On another note will someone tell me how they get an 18 month old boy to sit still, look at the camera and smile?!?!  I've just about given up and I've aged in the process.  This was the best I could do:

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