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Another new addition to my blog: Mommy Monday.  I love being a mom, well almost always!  My mommy friends and I always seem to be sharing stories, tips, and advice about all things mom.  I've decided I would start blogging about being a mom; from how I survive to how I try to bring fun into our days.

Since I have a newborn and so do a handful of my friends I seem to be talking A LOT about sleep.  So this is my first topic of Mommy Monday. Before the baby is even born you are sleep deprived and the second the baby arrives you turn into a zombie.  From day 1 my goal is getting the baby to sleep thru the night!  Madi is sleeping thru the night and I'm still tired so I think how did I do it before?!?!

My #1 savior is Baby Wise.  Baby Wise seems to be so controversial but what I've learned is the people who turn their face at me when I say I follow Baby Wise is the same people who have never read it.  They also seem to be the same people who have toddlers who don't sleep thru the night.
Putting your baby on a schedule and TEACHING them to sleep is not cruel, it is the number 1 tool you can teach them in life.  Sleep is extremely crucial for development and health.  So I don't think I'm cruel I think I'm giving my baby the best gift.  Plus if you are over tired it affects how you are as a mom and you must take care of yourself to be a good mom.

I totally recommend picking up a copy of Baby Wise if you're pregnant or wanting to get your little one to sleep thru the night.  The basis is putting your baby on a schedule right away so they can regulate their metabolism and learn when to be awake and when to be asleep.  The cycle is feed baby, keep them awake, and put them down for nap/bed while awake.  You're not to use sleep props but I also believe in sanity so sometimes they are necessary.

When the baby is on a schedule it takes out soooooo much guesswork.  Now you know if they are crying because they are hungry or tired or something else.  When you don't follow a schedule you have no idea what to expect and what is wrong with the baby.  Also a schedule helps me stay sane.  I can plan my day because I know when the baby needs to eat and when I can run errands or work around that schedule.

Final tips on sleep:

1. Keep a schedule
2. Feed, keep baby awake, sleep
3. Don't keep baby up too long.  They get overstimulated and then will never sleep.
4. Once baby is 12 weeks and a healthy weight they can sleep thru the night so my #4 tip is let them cry in increments.
5. Have baby sleep outside of your room because I swear they smell you and sleep worse.

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