School prep

This post is a bit behind but better late than never.  In preparation for school I ordered these books from the library for Emily and I to read.  Maisy Goes to Preschool, My Preschool, and Little School were general books about preschool.  It's Mine! talks about sharing and The Story of Ferdinand teaches about being yourself:)  Emily loves all books and she really enjoyed these.  I think books really help children learn with any new situation.  I'm so glad I found these and was able to read them to Em (over and over) before schools started.

We've also been doing flash cards and it's amazing how fast she's picking these things up.  We have two sets (only one pictured below).  One is numbers and the other is shapes and colors.  We make piles of the same number, same color, or same shape.  I also love these flash cards because she's learning turn taking and how to sit STILL!  If she won't sit still I put them away.  I know mean ole mom here but the girl doesn't stop moving for a second so I've got to teach her to relax for a moment.

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