Clovis Fest

This morning we got up early and headed to the Clovis Rodeo Grounds to see the hot air balloons take off at Clovis Fest.  We were about 15-20 minutes later than we wanted to be and 4 balloons had already taken off.  We still got to see them in the near distance so that was okay.  We then saw 2 balloons take off.  I've never been to Clovis Fest so I was a little disappointed they only had 6 balloons; I hear they've had more in the past.  Even though it was a little small it was still a fun sight.
We then walked down Pollasky and wandered all the booths.  We walked up and down twice looking for the Cinnamon Rolls and learned they were back at the Rodeo Grounds.  We headed back over and LITERALLY as we walked up to the truck he said they were leaving.  I was so sad:( 

All in all a great activity for families.  It was a free event and a great sight.

Sun Rising as the balloons were filling up.

This is how Madi enjoyed Clovis Fest.  Trying to teach her to hold her own bottle:)

Grandma joined us:)

Hot Air Balloon Selfie

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