Gymnastics Beat

I love finding fun things in town to do.  I love it even more when it's free or cheap!  My mom took Emily to Gymnastics Beat over the summer for a gymnastics class and this is where we learned about open gym.  On Friday mornings from 11-12 children can come for $3 and have free range of the gym.  It's huge and they have some many things for kids to try.  Emily absolutely loves it.

(I'm so mad the pics came out terrible on my iPhone)

I got a call while filming this video so it's cut in two:

They have two big trampolines to jump on:

Running thru an obstacle course:

Climbing the rope:

Emily loves swinging from these rings:

Walking on the balance beam:

I didn't get pics of a ton of things they have.  This is a great place for kids to blow off steam and it leads a great nap!!  Win-win

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