Holiday Game Night

A few of weeks before Christmas we hosted a Holiday Game Night at our house with our friends.  The night was epic!  We first played Holiday Family Feud with two teams and I moderated.  Our second round was Christmas Minute to Win It.  Everyone broke into teams of two but it couldn't be with your significant other.  There were 5 rounds:  Solo Cup Christmas Tree, The Ornaments were Hung by the Chimney with Care, Nutstacker, Christmas Kiss,  and Face the Cookie.  Each team had 60 seconds to complete each round.
A few of the rounds were just absolutely hilarious.  I almost peed my pants a few times.
Most of this is harder than it sounds/looks.
I took lots of videos but to spare total embarrassment I'm not posting them but I am holding them in case I need blackmail!
Thanks to everyone who came and made it such a fun night.

Round 1: Solo Cup Christmas Tree
One player from each team made a tree from red solo cups with one hand in 60 seconds.  The person with the biggest tree won that round.

Round 2: The Ornaments were hung by the chimney with care
Both team members played and had to hang as many ornaments as possible on a yard stick that was balancing on a paper towel roll.  If it fell you were disqualified.  Again you had 60 seconds.

Round 3: Nutstacker
Second team member had to stack nuts with a candy cane.  The team that stacked the most nuts in 60 seconds won that round.

Round 4: Christmas Kiss
Both members kissed a bulb with their lips and without using hands they had to hang the bulb on a suspended string.  The team that hung the most bulbs in 60 seconds won that round.
This was my personal favorite.

Round 5: Face the Cookie
Without your hands you have to get an Oreo from your forehead to your mouth.  The person who got the most cookies in 60 seconds won that round.

I only have videos of this round.


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