Mommy Monday-Preparing to Leave

I am leaving this week for a business trip in Southern CA.  I am taking Madi and my mom (to watch Madi while I'm in meetings) since I am still nursing so it should be rather interesting to juggle the conference, staying on top of my business at home, and nursing a baby!  
Even though I'm taking Madi, I'm leaving Em home.  This Mommy Monday is about leaving home but leaving a kid behind.  Boy o boy it's a lot of work!  I had to line up care for Emily everyday this week, I laid out her clothes for each day down to the socks and underwear, I packed all of her lunches and snacks, I packed her bags to take to school and where she's staying the other days, I made a big batch of pancakes this morning so Kevin could just throw a few in the microwave each morning for Emily, I put dinners in the freezer so it's not pizza or mac and cheese every night, I did all the laundry, and I'm sure I'm missing something else.  On top of making sure Em is all lined up.  I had to pack myself and Madi, get the car washed and gassed up, make enough baby food for the trip, pack snacks, and say a few prayers I'm not forgetting anything:(
For those moms who travel regularly my praises and sympathy go out to you.
I will be traveling at least two other times this year for work so any tips/suggestions and handling it all?

Thank you in advance to everyone pitching it to help with Emily.  If you want to help with Emily next week too let me know I'm sure I'll need a vacation after this trip:)

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