30 Years Young

I can't believe I am celebrating my 30th birthday.  I remember when 30 sounded soooooo old, now 60 sounds young to me.  I think during this milestone birthday I should reflect on my 30 short years.  My accomplishments include(not in any particular order):

1. Getting Married
2. Having two beautiful girls
3. Top Salesperson at Guarantee and being involved at my local association of Realtors.
4. Graduating Summa Cum Laude from FSU
5. Having faith and being spiritual
6. Being a Godmother, an aunt, a sister, a daughter, a mother, a cousin, a wife, and a friend to many wonderful people
7. Living in a beautiful home
8. I know I'm forgetting something (maybe it's because I'm old now and don't have my memory)

There have been many hard and sad times, some regrets (if you can call learning experiences regrets), some points of questioning, and some trying times.  But I've learned to appreciate most of them and continuing to learn from the rest of them because they make me who I am today, they help me appreciate the "good" in life, and they've forced me to grow as a person.

I keep hearing Tim McGraw's song, "In My Next 30 Years," over and over and over in my head.  I'm trying to think of what I'd like to do in the years ahead.  There are a lot of fun items I'd like to check off the list but the super important things I'm really blessed to say they are in place.

Bucket List
1. Travel To Greece, Argentina, Nashville, and Chicago
2. Ride on a Yacht
3. Go White Water Rafting
4. Pet a panda
5. Make a million dollars
6. Have dinner at The Boathouse in Central Park
7. Ride in a Nascar
8. Ride an elephant in a foreign land

MANY MANY years ago I wrote down a bucket list and I just pulled it out to review and I'm happy to see quite a few items checked off.
This is what I've completed:

1. Have children
2. Marry the love of my life
3. Travel to Italy (January of 2009)
4. Travel to Costa Rica (August of 2009)
5. Marry in a Catholic Church (August of 2009)
6. Go Ziplining in a rainforest (August of 2009)
7. Travel to Paris (July of 2007)
8. Go horseback riding on a beach (Did this on our honeymoon in Costa Rica)

Thank you to all those in my life who have shared memories with me, supported me, challenged me, held my hand (or my hair-you know who you are), wiped my tears, laughed with me, and traveled the road with me. An extra thank you, but words don't express my gratitude to my mom and husband for everything they do for me and just being who they are. 

Looking forward to the next 30 years! Cheers to 30!

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