Mommy Monday-If I Could Keep You Little

A couple of months ago I was out of town shopping and inside a store I stumbled upon the book If I Could Keep You Little by Marianne Richmond.  I had tears in my eyes instantly.  I didn't buy it that day (because it was way overpriced) but later I ordered it online.  Today was the first day that I read it to my girls and it was a special moment.  Emily sat in my lap and listened with intent and Madi was crawling around us.  Now that Madi really seems to not be a baby anymore it was bittersweet to read this book.  It really captures exactly how a mom feels about watching her children grow.  You want to freeze them and keep them from growing up but on the other hand you thoroughly enjoy watching all of their milestones, their personalities developing, and how they become independent little human beings.  Here's a little sneak peak of the book, "If I could keep you little, I'd keep you close to me.  But then I'd miss you growing into who you're meant to be!"
May I recommend that ALL moms order this book immediately and read it to your kids; it's heartwarming!

Speaking of freezing your children.  Emily continues to say the cutest things.  I'm going to try and use Mommy Monday to document some of the precious/funny things she says.

Recently she has said, "Will you take care of me forever?"

"Mom, I want to be with you forever and ever.  No wait...I want to be with dad forever."  She melted my heart and broke it all within 20 seconds.  Since then she's told both Kevin and I that she wants to be with us forever:) 

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