Madi-Sitting, Crawling, Pulling Up and Chowing Down

Madi has been sitting really well for at least a month but starting a week and half ago she started getting herself from laying down to sitting up all by herself.  (I saved her milestone sticker until she could go from laying to sitting.)
She also started crawling for real last week while we were out of town.  She's totally mobile now which makes things really difficult when you have a toddler.  Now I have to police what Emily has out and on the ground.  Madi tries to grab everything and of course everything goes straight to the mouth.  I thought Madi was dramatic before but now that she's moving and grabbing everything I keep having to take things away from her.  When I do she screams bloody murder like I've hurt her.  So DRAMATIC!
Right after we got home from the coast Madi started pulling up.  Everything started all at once.  I'm sure in trouble now.
Also while we were gone Madi started loving her baby food.  A light bulb just switched and she loves it.  So far she's had butternut squash, zucchini, and yams.  She's my little porker now; she can't get enough.

Taking a photo in this chair now is almost impossible.  She moves too much and launches out of it.

Pulled herself up and standing on her own.

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