Fresno Friday-1920 Tea Station

It's been forever since I did, "Fresno Friday."  In the cold months I don't get out much so I don't have much to post.  However, this last weekend my mom and I stopped into the 1920 Tea Station for a cup a tea.  We were so surprised by our discovery.  It's a hip and chic spot that feels like San Fran not Fresno.  We were also surprised by their menu. They have a huge variety of teas as well as unique appetizers and over the top desserts.  As we were ordering our tea, marshmallow toast came out and you wouldn't believe your eyes.  I can't wait to go back when I'm hungry to try some of their desserts.  I sure hope that Fresno supports this local business.  I suggest everyone stop in for a break from reality, grab a cup of tea, and something to eat.
Check out their Facebook to get more info.

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