Happy Easter

Yesterday Emily discovered that the Easter Bunny was at our house.  Not only did he leave Easter baskets for the girls but he also used the restroom.  He pooped and didn't flush!  Later when we were having brunch at Fort Washington Country Club Emily got to see the Easter bunny.  She told him, "You pooped in my toilet and didn't flush!"  The people around thought it was hilarious. 

Our Easter Sunday was nice and relaxing.  We opened Easter baskets and then went to mass at Holy Spirit.  The past few years we've then joined family and friends at The Fort for an indulgent brunch.  We now look forward to the world's best omelette's every year.  Thank you Karen for inviting us.  We thoroughly enjoy the food, the atmosphere, and the company.

Of course dad gets a cute picture I get a screaming one.

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