Fresno Friday- Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

This Fresno Friday is about getting out of Fresno!  One of my favorite things about Fresno is our central location.  We are 1 hour from the mountains, 20 minutes to a lake, and 2.5 hours to several beaches.  Last week we took a very spontaneous trip to Santa Cruz.  We left early in the morning and got into town just about lunch time.  We stopped at Gayle's Bakery to pick up a picnic lunch to take down to the beach.  We love Gayle's and always stop by when we're in the Santa Cruz area to pick up a treat.  This was the first time we stopped for lunch; NEVER AGAIN.  It's way overpriced and the food sucked!  I paid $8 for a tiny cruddy sandwich and $7 for a small cup of fruit.  The other items we picked up also were pricey and not good.  I have news for you Gayle's this isn't Paris or New York City, you can't charge that much for average food.
After we packed up our lunches we headed down to the beach.  Please someone tell me why I thought it would be a good idea to take a crawling 10 month old to the beach?!?!  Staying on the towels and blanket was a total joke.  She's definitely my second child because I just let her do her thing.  She ate half the beach and was in heaven.
After our picnic, building sand castles, and playing in the water we went on the boardwalk to ride rides.  Emily is still a daredevil and wanted to ride everything.  She was disappointed she didn't meet the height requirement for most things.  We got to ride the Carousel, Logger's Revenge, Sea Serpent Roll-O-Coaster, Cave Train, and the Ferris Wheel together.  Emily rode Bulgy the Whale, Red Baron Planes, and Speedway by herself.
After a full afternoon of fun we ate dinner on the Santa Cruz Pier then headed home.  
It was a fun FULL day and I love that living in Fresno we are able to take day trips like these.
Thanks mom for going on the adventure with us.

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