Hippity Hoppity Happity Easter

Saturday we celebrated Easter with Kevin's Family.  We always celebrate on Saturday so we can have a leisure day full of fun.  We started mid morning and played around, had a yummy lunch, hunted easter eggs, and then played a couple of games.
It was a great day!

The Marsh's came to celebrate with us too:)

Uncle Mike stopped by to bring Emily an Easter basket.
Madi and her Godmother, Aunty Pammy

And their off...

Even Madi got the concept and picked up eggs.

I spy a rascally rabbit.

Counting their loot

Egg Relay Race

Even though you see Red Solo Cups I wasn't making my nieces and nephews play flip cup.  We played Pass the Water Relay Race.

Two Teams each start with a full cup of water.  You pass over your head to the teammate behind you.  The team with the most water at the end wins.

Madi opening her basket from Voa Voa.

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