Friday Favorites 7/22

In relation to my typical week this week wasn't as packed as some.  Even though it wasn't jam packed it was still filled with lots of fun.  Here's what I wanted to share from the week:

On Sunday my best friend Gina (familyfoodandfurniture) invited me to The Fresno Home and Garden Show to see Clint Harp from Fixer Upper.  We grabbed lunch beforehand at Bulldog Burger Bistro.  I've been wanting to try this place because I follow them on Instagram and my mouth waters every time I see one of their photos.  I tried the special which was a bacon burger that came with fries and a drink.  Although the burger doesn't sound too out of the ordinary it was mouth watering; it had great flavor.  We didn't grab a cold one but they also serve beer.  If you haven't been to the bistro yet you've got to check them out on Cedar and Barstow.

This photo is adapted from Bulldog Burger Bistro.

The girls had a visit to the best dentist, Dr. Powell this week and it was Madi's first time.  She actually did really well.  She took just a second to warm up and she sat in the chair with sissy long enough for the hygienist to clean her teeth.  She then sat on my lap when Dr. Powell took a look in her mouth.  Emily was an old pro and did exactly as she was asked.

Last night the Fresno Fab Females got together at THE POINT Patio Bar & Bistro.  We are a group of local women who have joined forces to inspire, uplift, collaborate, empower, encourage, and support women in our community.  Follow me on Instagram to learn more about each of these talented women.  I will share a couple of them with you each month so stay tuned.

The night was filled with delicious drinks, yummy food, and good laughs.
I had the filet kabobs and they were very scrumptious; the balsamic reduction was to die for.

This wasn't mine but it looked so good I had to snap a quick pic.

The patio at THE POINT had the best atmosphere and I can't wait to go back.

Tonight we got to check more fun items off of our Summer Fun Bucket List.  The girls and I invited grandma to go to the Clovis Farmer's Market with us.  We went on an extra fun night because there was a pole vaulting event.  I was surprised to see how excited Emily was to watch the jumping.  We ate the typical junk food, got some gorgeous local produce, and finished the night off with eating cotton candy snow cones.  It was a perfect summer night.

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