Who's Trending Right Now...

My little fashionistas are the ones trending right now!
What did you think I was going to say Taylor Swift?!?!

These two little dolls might not be trending on Google but they sure are in my world.  My days are always super busy between real estate, blogging, running a household, and just life but these two are on the top of my list.  We're trying to pack summer full of fun.  I'm already freaking out that school starts in less than a month.  Why does summer have to be so short???
Not only do we try to get out to do fun stuff but I'm trying to make home life fun as well.  You've probably seen we're checking off our Summer Fun Bucket List and several of those items are things we can do around the house like water balloon fights and running through the sprinklers.
I have to remind myself to slow down and appreciate the small moments.  I hope these little girls are always "trending" in my day.
What do you do to enjoy the small moments and keep your kids "trending" on your to-do list?

Not only do we pack the days with painting, sprinklers, or water balloon fights, most days include taking a picture.  They are especially obsessed with Boomerang.  It cracks me up that Emily asks to do this.

This one especially is my mini-me and a little diva.  She comes up with the poses on her own and loves to take pictures.

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