Friday Favorites 7/1

Yet another super busy and fun week.  We just love summer so much!!!

  Last weekend we had our nieces 8th grade graduation.  The girls had so much fun playing in the pool and water slide.

We got to check another item off of our Summer Fun Bucket List- A Water Balloon Fight!

Mid week we got to check off yet another item on the Summer Fun Bucket List- Going to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.  The girls, Voa Voa, and I went for one night and had the best time at the Boardwalk one day and beach the next.  The weather was GLORIOUS!!! Thank you Voa Voa for treating us and thank you Grandpa Dennis for the passes from Christmas.

Didn't take 5 minutes for this one to fall asleep and that's saying something.
We stopped near Gilroy for fresh produce.  Delicious.
Today we had a weekly playdate and our spot this week was Skywalk.  From 10-11 every day kids under 6 get to jump.  My girls are crazy dare devils and loved it.

I spy with my little eye two little girls.
Some of my favorite this week are from Walmart.  I hit the jackpot with these flamingo shorts and graphic tees and tanks.  All were under $8; score!

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