Speed Cleaning

I always live life in the fast lane and my to-do list is always a mile long.  Cleaning my house is not at the top of my list but as a Type A, OCD mama its definitely on there.  Honestly a clean and organized house makes me happy and relaxed; messes give me anxiety.  Believe me I know I have a problem but wanting a clean house I suppose is a good problem to have.  

Although I want a clean house, it's not how I want to spend my very little free time.  So not only do I have a cleaning service but I need tools and products that make cleaning QUICK and EASY!  I clean nearly every day in between the house cleaning so tools that give me more time are a must.  I've recently added two tools into my cleaning tool box which help expedite the process.  First, the bObi Classic from bObsweep is a hands-free vacuum that will vacuum your floors allowing you to do anything else while it works.  I was over-the-moon excited to welcome the bObi into our household but I have mixed feelings about our newest family member since it started working in our household.  
I have a love-hate relationship with bObi.  I have been using bObi for over two months every day which saves me at least 10 minutes per day in vacuuming my tile floors.  By the way, it amazes me how dirty our floors get every single day.  Our dogs are only allowed outside and I consider ourselves clean people but geez Louise I guess we are not!  The bObi has a dock where it charges while not in use and it can be programmed to any schedule you want.  It even has a remote to operate it, which is pretty cool.  I've set the bObi to run every day at 8 am.  Let me give you some advice DO NOT watch the bObi work; you will go nuts.  It's like a pool sweep; there is no rhyme or reason to its operation.  I want it to run linearly but gosh it goes wherever the heck it wants.  It also can only handle a small area at a time.  When I give bObi free rein of the house it has NEVER found it's dock on its own, which its supposed to do.  Before dying the bObi is supposed to find it's dock and charge itself.  Like I said, if I don't barricade the bObi it will never find its home.  My other huge complaint is how it works on carpet.  Again it doesn't operate on logic so the lines in the carpet are insane (remember I'm OCD). It also gets stuck under furniture pretty easily.  After time I learned to barricade it to my kitchen and breakfast nook and its operates just fine and finds its dock easily.  This is the area that gets the most debris anyways so that works for me.  It took me awhile to adjust to the bObi but once I did I am happy with it.  Also keep in mind that you will need to clean it out very frequently because its bin is quite small.

With those extra 10 minutes every day I get to spend time with my girls instead.  Extra time is priceless!

Take a peek at how it works...The girls are always spilling something and now they just ask to turn on the bObi, lol.  These pink sprinkles that they scattered about while making cookies were up in no time.

Is anyone still swiffering or heaven forbid, mopping?!?!  Please stop right now if you are.  Save yourself lots of time and hassle and invest in the Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System.  Not only is it a time saver but also it sanitizes so I know the floors are much cleaner than traditional mopping.  Shark Genius features new technology like the hands-free feature so you never have to bend down to fidget with the wet and dirty mop pad.  It has 3 levels depending on your floors and dirt situation, double-sided dirt grip pads and a steam blaster.  If there's a spot that has stuck on dirt, grease or grime you can flip the mop over and shoot it with a blast of steam.  The mop is so light weight and easy to maneuver.  I was very happy with how easy it was to use and how it performed.

What cleaning tools do you use that save you time or that you just love?  I'm always excited to try new products.

This is a sponsored post.  As always all opinions expressed are honest and my own.


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