Snow Fun

A few weeks ago we had snow much fun up in Shaver with friends.  We spent the weekend sledding, eating, relaxing, snowboarding, playing games and just having fun!  Both girls couldn't get enough sledding and playing in the snow.  On Saturday we went to China Peak for the older kids to take lessons; for us it was a disaster.  Emily at first was upset that she got skies and Colton got a snowboard.  Then when we offered to switch it but she just refused to try anything at all.  So, Kevin went snowboarding and the kids played in the snow.  Close to our departure time Emily decided she wanted to try Colton's snowboard and of course she loved it!  Ugh, kids, what can you do?!?!  Madi also tried it out and she's a little dare devil and she loved it too.

We made lots of memories over the weekend get away but my favorite were sledding at the cabin. Seeing the smiles and hearing their little laughs was just too much goodness.  Thank you so much Marsh's for being so generous and inviting us up.

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