Snow Bunny

When it comes to winter in the mountains you can find me at the lodge with a cocktail and not on the mountain so I'm more of the snow bunny type, lol!  Back in high school we went snow boarding every Sunday during the season but now you couldn't pay me to go through all that!  I prefer playing in the snow or like I said enjoying the sun and snow with a little cocktail.  Recently we were invited up to Shaver for the weekend and we had so much fun.  We played, relaxed and also some of the kids and hubby's went snowboarding.  More from the weekend to come in another post.

In the meantime I'm sharing how I stay warm and cute in the snow.  As most of you know I hate to be cold so lots of layers go into dressing for the snow.  I wear an updated version of long johns underneath it all.  Followed by jeans, a sweater, a coat and snow boots.  While we were playing in the snow I added a beanie, gloves and snow pants.

I love a puffy coat with a fur detail and this one is my fave because it has a belt that cinches in the waist.  I'm petite so I frequently get lost in a big coat so being able to see my waist is a total plus. This coat has additional details that I love like the buttons and exterior pockets.  I'm wearing DL Denim jeans which I was so excited to try but honestly disappointed in.  They stretch as you wear them and I HAVE to wear a belt to keep them on my waist.  Let's be real my hips can hold anything up so jeans that move down on me is very strange.  I hate that I have to keep pulling them up.  My sweater is a powder blue wool v-neck sweater with large button detail down the back.  My snow boots are Coach that are several years old and I just found a great deal on new boots!!!

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