Blushing for Spring

Happy Spring!!! I've been counting down the days to Spring since the Labor Day (and honestly I'm still counting down the days to summer).  Spring not only brings brighter skies, warmer weather, and longer days but it also represents a fresh start.  I love the time of rebirth because it allows me to self check and evaluate.  The first quarter of the year literally sped by.  It's like I half blinked and boom it's mid March.  Since I've been extremely busy with work some of my goals have been put on hold or maybe in slow-mo.  I'm using the start of the new season to check in and see what needs to be put on pause, accelerated, etc.  I'll be sharing some resolution check-ins with you soon now that the first quarter is almost over.  In the meantime, Happy Spring; I'm wishing you health, happiness, and renewal.  Stop and smell the blossoms and savor the sun!

We've been on a bit of a weather roll-o-coaster from rain and wind to high eighties to back to sixties and rain.  Even though its Spring some warmer pieces are still needed.  I'm still loving a blush/nude look for the Spring.  This blush sweater with back button detail is A+ and I've paired it simply with white skinnies and nude pumps.

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