Easter 2018

Family time is my favorite time!  Our Easter weekend was so incredibly fun and blessed and I just had to share our wonderful pictures {be prepared for overload}.  We always celebrate with Kevin's family on Saturday and do church and brunch on Sunday.  After brunch we spent the afternoon just playing at home and soaking up the sun.  It was the absolute perfect weekend.  I hope that everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend.

These girls just make my heart explode with happiness.  I don't know from personal experience but it sure seems like there is nothing better than having a sister.  I pray that they always will remain best friends.

For those of you that know me know without a doubt that I am very competitive.  So it was a hard pill to swallow when Emily preferred to talk through the hunt, lol!!!  I kept telling her to run and find eggs but she just wanted to socialize.  It's a lesson from God I know!  Now Madi on the other hand had the right idea and would even climb in the bushes to snag the prize.

The Easter bunny visited our house and not only left gifts for the girls but also pooped jelly beans in the toilet and left a trail of Easter eggs from their room to their baskets.

Here are some of the items that were in their baskets:

These shoes are so adorable and so cheap!!!

Every holiday I try to create a fun breakfast for the girls as an extra special way to celebrate.  This year I made Bunny Butts out of pancakes and our Re-Play tableware makes it even more festive.

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