Friday Favorites 4/6

March was such a fun and busy month!!!  Here is just a sample of the fun we had.  I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend.  We have something extremely exciting this weekend so stay tuned for the details!

We were lucky enough to stay with friends in Shaver one weekend when it dumped snow.  It was so magical to wake up to the snow falling and play in a true winter wonderland.

Madi was Ladybug of the week at school which to her meant she was royalty.  

Everyone knows I'm truly obsessed with anything sweet and the Yasso brand find was life changing.  They are made with Greek yogurt so you actually are getting protein with only 1 gram of fat and barely any calories.  It's practically health food.  By the way, it seriously is delicious!

Larry the Leprechaun visited our house on St. Patty's morning and the girls were very excited.  This was my best attempt at a four leaf clover.  It may not be perfect but I try to make holidays fun for the girls even in small ways.

St. Patrick's Day Breakfast

St. Patrick's Day Breakfast

Madi had an Easter parade and party at school.  She was a Good News Bunny and I just love seeing her shine at school.  She's so proud to have her family come and see her in school.  We are so blessed by her preschool and the families in her class!

Emily's school had Open House and her teacher went over the top with decorating the classroom with the students work.  Emily was beaming to show us her hard work and it truly showed in her pieces.  We are extremely proud of how hard she is working. 

There's NO way I could draw this well and btw this is her donut shirt which I blogged about before, lol!!!

I'm sure you've heard about the Hunter line just for Target.  There are some exclusive releases tomorrow for Red Card holders online and next Saturday is the big release.  I can't wait to snag some boots for the girls and I.

We have some of the best local businesses and working with Expo Party Rentals is always so much fun.  Just wanted to share my feature on Expo Party Rentals Blog recently.  My Galentine's party was one of my favorite parties I've ever thrown!

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