How to Host a Simple Girls Night- Cheese Board & Frosé

Spring Cheese Board & Frose

Now that we are having warmer weather and longer days I wanted to get a few friends together for a Spring Girls Night.  Hosting your girlfriends doesn't have to be overdone or stressful.  I think a cocktail and a cheese board are perfect for a Spring night with your besties.  I'm sharing how to make both with the help of Grocery Outlet.  I did all of my shopping at Grocery Outlet and was so impressed with the shopping experience.  I haven't been in years due to location but I was blown away with the prices; you can find the same products for lower prices.  It's also an amazing source for reasonable wine and right now is the best time to stock up during their wine sale.

I think a Cheese Board should combine salty and sweet as well as creamy and crunchy.  For Spring I took a different take on traditional.  I wanted to use colorful fruits to add color, texture and sweetness that you can't find during other seasons.  I prepped all my fruit and other selections before assembling the board.  When placing the items on the board I mixed colors as well as food types.  For example, I didn't place two fruits next to each other {see my How to Video below}.

Spring Cheese Board & Frose 
Hosting a Girls Night

Wine is the perfect pairing to almost any meal or gathering.  Again for Spring I wanted to put a twist on the wine so I made Frosé!  The recipe is simple and quick to make with a little planning ahead.  


1 bottle of Rosé
1/4 C. Vodka
1 C. of Chopped Strawberries
1/2 C. of Water
1/2 C. of Sugar


Pour bottle of Rosé in a gallon Ziploc bag and freeze overnight.  Also the night before make your simple syrup.  To do so, bring water and sugar to a boil then remove from heat and stir until sugar is dissolved.  Add in chopped strawberries and refrigerate over night.  Before blending drink strain simple syrup from strawberries.  Blend frozen Rosé, vodka and simple syrup and serve immediately.
{See How to Video Below}

Hosting a Girls Night


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