Foreman Family of Five- Our Exciting Motorcycle Gender Reveal

Even before we were married we always said we would have three kids but to ask us after two what we really thought.  After Madi I always felt super busy and tired and it was a long time before I seriously considered a third baby.  Kevin was ready early on but I always said it was easy for him to say.  I wasn't ready but always felt a little tug on my heart that our family wasn't complete.  Last Spring I started saying I thought I was almost ready and late Summer we would start trying.  Mid Summer I felt ready {with an extra push because my best friend was pregnant with her third} and I was just banking on that it would happen quickly and we would have another May baby.  Well we make plans and God laughs and there were a few bumps in the road. Fast forward to February and we found out that I was pregnant and although we were trying for months it still was quite the surprise.  As soon as I saw the two blue lines I wanted to know if we were having a boy or a girl.  I assumed we were having a third girl and Kevin was sure we were having a boy.   I didn't have a strong feeling one way or the other but just thought there was no way that we would have a boy.

When I was pregnant with the girls I had a sonogram at 13 weeks and both times they said, "It's a girl but don't paint the walls until your next sonogram."  I just didn't think I could deal with that vagueness this time around and decided to take a blood test from Sneak Peek.  The At Home test is 99% accurate and women can test as early as 9 weeks to find out the gender of the baby.  I chose the option for a phlebotomist to come to my home and the process was so easy and quick; less than five minutes.  I took the test on Wednesday morning and results were in Thursday late afternoon.  I couldn't believe how fast the turn around was.    I had my results sent to one of my best friends so that we could do a gender reveal and we could find out as a family.  However, the suspense just about killed us!  I also don't know how my friend held the secret for 3 days!

Kevin rode motorcycles since he was 5 years old and the girls started at 3 years old.  So motorcycles are a big part of this family.  I knew I wanted the reveal to involve their favorite sport.  We used smoke bombs to color the exhaust; see pictures and video below to see what we are expecting in October.

Motorcycle Gender Reveal

Motorcycle Gender Reveal

Motorcycle Gender Reveal

Our sweet friend Melissa captured these photos and I know I will treasure them for a lifetime.  She dropped everything she had this weekend to make this all possible and then had the photos back to me in hours.  She's so amazing, go check her out HERE!!!

A HUGE thank you to our amazing friend Rema who helped me plan this reveal for weeks and answered only 1000 calls from me in the last few days.  I am so blessed with the most amazing friends!

Lastly, thank you to Sneak Peek for giving us the joy of finding out that we're adding a boy to the mix.

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are honest and my own.

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