Friday Favorites 5/25

Holy Moly May has flown by and the busy level has been through the roof!  We've had tons of fun activities, a birthday, school activities, graduation and just you know the normal life like work!  I have lots of favorite things to share with you so prepare for an overload.

Visiting Creamistry has been on my Fresno bucket list for a very long time so when we were invited to come I was super excited.  We headed over for an after school treat with grandma and got to experience the Creamistry difference.  I've never seen anything like it where your ice cream is made right in front of you as you order.  We chose our ice cream "base" of Premium but they have Organic, Vegan, Coconut or Non-Diary Sorbet.  Next we chose one of 30+ flavors and 35+ toppings.  If there are too many options for you to make up your mind you can select one of their popular designs.  Liquid Nitrogren hits the base and it freezes extremely fast.   Due to the speed there are no ice crystals and the result is a delicious, decadent and creamy ice cream.  We loved it and will definitely be going back.  

I was featured on The Letter Grams recently and always get a little excited when my photos are shared.  This was just shy of a month ago and sadly I thought I was big then.

I had the pleasure of going to a Studio Grand Opening for Designs by Tonya and it was wonderful to connect.  As I always say connecting with other local moms or business women is one of my passions.  Tonya's studio was beautiful and I won a private Mommy Session with her and can't wait to use it once the baby arrives! Thank you Tonya for the invitation.

Emily's school was JAM PACKED with activities during the last month and one day was Play Day.  The kids had free dress and got to go around the campus doing different activities and collecting prizes.  I love how much fun Emily's school incorporates into the curriculum.

Emily's Kindergarten class lead Mass last week and it was such an honor to watch her class be so brave.  We are so proud of Emily because she was nervous to read in front of a packed church but she did a beautiful job as did all her classmates.  Emily read for the Prayer of the Faithful.

After Mass the mommies had a Mother's Day Brunch in the class.  Emily's teacher goes so far above and beyond with her kiddos and their families.  The room was decorated so beautifully and she worked extremely hard with each kid on projects that were gifts for each mom.  I was utterly blown away with how special the day was.

I've hated my hair as long as I can remember.  It's stringy, dry, brittle, flat and uncooperative.  Even the days I spend a lot of time on my hair I'm always disappointed.  So when I had the opportunity to try Monat Hair Care I jumped on it.  Monat is naturally based, non-toxic and anti-aging.  The U.S. only has 11 banned beauty ingredients whereas Canada has 800 and Europe 1,000.  Monat was welcomed by both Canada and Europe without any reformulations so that just proves how clean the product really is.  I just started using the line and am so excited to try it over the next few months.  Typically it takes 12 weeks to notice significant results so stay tuned.

Growing up I spent countless days on my grandparents ranch; it was literally my favorite place on Earth.  It causes me such heartache that my girls won't experience what I had growing up but we took them out to the dairy for the second time this last weekend.  Both girls were in heaven and Emily did not want to leave.

This wasn't even half of what we've been up to but I'll share the rest in future posts.

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are honest and my own.

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