Emily Graduates Kindergarten

Is it just me or does Kindergarten still sound young but First Grade sounds like it's meant for big kids?!?!  How can it be that our first baby is going into First Grade.  It's such a bittersweet feeling of joy, pride and sadness that our baby is long gone and growing up quickly.  Emily just had her Kindergarten graduation ceremony which was a sweet event.  The kids sang several songs for their guests and then received their diplomas from their teacher, principal and parish priest.  We are absolutely in love with her school and feel so blessed to be a part of its community.  

Emily did such an amazing job in Kindergarten and we couldn't be more proud as parents.  I had a conference with her teacher after school finished and she said Emily is loved by all students and teachers, she's a go-getter and loves to complete a task.  She also said Emily is very social and can have a hard time staying quiet and focusing (love my social butterfly but we'll work on attention span, lol).  Emily says she's going to miss her teacher more than anything else in Kinder and I couldn't agree more.  Her teacher was such an angel and challenged Emily but loved her like her own.

At her graduation Emily had a whole cheering squad and she's more than blessed with wonderful people in her life.  We are so thankful that all the grandmas and her godparents were able to watch this milestone.  Wishing Emily Grace the strength, the knowledge, the patience and the faith to thrive in the next 8 years of elementary school.

A Summer Gift from her teacher which included a personalized bucket, book, note from her teacher saying why she loved her, notes from friends and summer activities.

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