Baby Name Reveal

Before we were even married we had two names picked out: one for a girl and one for a boy.  After having two girls I was completely convinced that we would have three girls and we would never get to use our boy name.  I'm still in shock about having a boy and can't explain how blessed I feel.  We are very happy to share our little man's name with you: Jackson Jeffrey Foreman.  I love having a name picked out so early on because I feel we get to connect even more with the baby because we always refer to him by his name.  

Jack was always a favorite of mine and luckily Kevin agreed immediately.  It is very likely that we will call him Jack.  I also love the name because the Scottish meaning of Jackson is : God has been gracious; has shown favor.  This seems so extremely appropriate for our son; our last and final baby.

I was so excited to engrave all my babies onto this necklace where I can hold them close to my heart.  My necklace is from Tiny Tags and is a 24K Gold Plated Skinny Bar Necklace.  You can engrave on the front and the back which is what I chose to do.  The back is the coordinates of where Kevin and I met; where it all started 18 years ago!  Tiny Tags has so many options and I love their mission of celebrating the love in our lives.  Tiny Tags also strongly believes in giving back and continuously donates to charitable organizations.  I will treasure this necklace forever!

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