Madison's 4th Birthday

Our spicy little Madison just turned 4 and I don't know where the time went!  On the other hand I can't really remember life before her.  It's just seems like it's always been the four of us.  Madi was very prepared for her birthday and was so excited for the big event.  She's been saying for months she wanted a Cinderella birthday party and her wish is my command... Biddidi Bobbidi Boop!  

The day before her actual birthday Madi knew she was going to celebrate at school and woke up and declared, "It's my birthday week!!!!!"  If she's making these claims at 4 I can't imagine 14.  I brought treats to her class and Voa Voa brought her in her favorite lunch: Mac and Cheese.  We celebrated with her class and party #1 was done.  On her actual birthday so woke up to a special birthday breakfast with a donut cake and pink milk, Party #2.  For dinner that night the grandparents came over for pizza and ice cream, Party #3.  The big shindig was the day after her birthday at Skywalk Sports, Party #4.

Hosting a birthday party at Skywalk is totally the way to go!!!  After having Emily's last party away from our home it was hard to revert back to cleaning the house, decorating and then cleaning up a tornado.  Madi loves Skywalk and since I was wanting to have the party "off-site" it was the perfect place.  They handled all of the details and just made the day completely stress-free.  I was most impressed with the kindness and attentiveness of the staff.  When you host a party with Skywalk a full-service staff member checks in your guests, helps with serving food and dessert, and cleans up.  

To make the day even more of a breeze Skywalk orders and brings in all the pizza, drinks and cupcakes if you want.  They also provide the tablecloth, plates, napkins, cups and party favors if you choose.  You can literally show up and enjoy!

All the kiddos got to enjoy one hour of care-free jumping and then we moved into a private room for pizza and cupcakes.  All the kids had lots of fun and Madi had a blast.

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