Ain't No Hood Like Motherhood

So here's the real deal!  98% of photos actually look more like this than the cute smiles and I'm actually super excited to share these because this circus is just too true.  And to think we're adding to this circus!!!!

These two wild ones make everything worthwhile.  They keep me on my toes, they've turned my hair grey, they've given me several wrinkles, they never let me have peace and quiet, they drive me nuts most days but they complete me.  They see the good in the world, they find the humor in everything, they love UNCONDITIONALLY and they are just perfect little beings.  My girls not only make me rip my hair out everyday but they teach me something every SINGLE day.  I am so honored and proud to be their mama.

My mom continues to be my role model and she still helps me like no other.  I would be lost without her and would never accomplish much if it wasn't for her assistance and guidance.  We had a very quiet Mother's Day at home and it's just what this sick preggo mama needed.  Wishing every single Mother a blessed Mother's Day. 

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