Friday Favorites 5/4

Just like that we are in May!  Emily only has a few shorts weeks left of school and Madi is right behind her.  Where does the time go?  As per usual it was a busy month; we wouldn't have it any other way.

Emily participated in a cheer camp at school and then performed at the school rally at the end of the week.  Emily loves these types of activities but gets nervous to perform so I'm super proud of her for being brave and doing something even when she's scared.

Last call for Mother's Day shopping.  I love giving and receiving personal gifts.  Check out some of my ideas HERE.

Like I said we are on the short count down to Summer and already planning all of our activities.  If you need some help with things to do check out my post HERE.

World's worst photo but it's all I have from Emily's class play of Noah.  Again I'm so proud of Emily for being brave to perform in front of her class and tons of parent paparazzi.  She loved practicing and preparing for her big day.

Our Godson, Jocko just celebrated his 2nd birthday with a construction party.  The party was as cute as he and I can't believe he is 2 already.  We love getting to watch him grow.

We are in full Disney mode.  It's so funny people keep asking me how our trip was and I'm like, "oh it's not till June. I'm just super excited and overly prepared."  If you need a dose of cuteness check out these two posts: HERE and HERE.

Bath time is part of our nightly routine and frequently becomes just that: routine.  Some nights the girls are in and out only taking care of business because we need to get off to bed.  However, every now and then I make bath a bit more special with a new bath toy and they just love it.  If it was up to them they would spend lots of time every night playing in the bath.  I recently gave them Nuby Bath Crayons as a special treat for extra good behavior.  My girls LOVE to color and getting to color in the bath tickles them to death.  The bath crayons come with 5 vibrant colors encased in a plastic holder which make it easy for their little hands to hold and push up when needed.  My favorite part is that they wash off with such ease.  You can find them for purchase HERE.

I couldn't help myself; I just had to share this again!  We are still in shock and excitement doesn't begin to explain how we are feeling.  So if by some super small chance you missed it baby #3 is a boy!!!! Thank you Melissa Gotelli Photography for capturing one of the best moments of our life.

As soon as I knew the gender of the baby I ran to find the one pair of Kevin's overalls we saved.  Kevin was not very thrilled when I converted two pairs of his overalls into tutu dresses but I promised him I would save one pair just in case.  I never thought we would need them but good thing I did.  It was super sweet for the girls to take pictures in their overalls and holding baby brother's.  I can't wait for all three of them to take the picture together.

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This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are honest and my own.

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