Weekend Wrap Up

We had such a busy but awesome weekend!!!!  Friday night Kevin and I had a date night.  We went to Red Robin for dinner and drinks then went to MB2 by Sierra Vista Mall to race go carts.  We had the best time ever!  We participated in two races and both of us are extremely competitive so we took it very seriously.  Some girl (insert other word here) wasn't following the rules and getting over for faster cars (ME!!!) and then tried to ram me over and I got into an accident.  I was so mad but after the started the race back up I lapped her and left her eating my dust.  In the first race Kevin took 1st and I took 3rd and in the second race Kevin took 1st and I took 2nd.  I blame the girl for slowing me way down.  Although MB2 is SUPER expensive its so much fun.  We can't wait to go again! A huge thank you to Auntie Lala and Uncle JJ for watching the girls.

On Saturday morning I took a yoga class at Lulu Lemon with Lucy Wells.  They empty the entire store which gives you lots of space to do your workout.  Lucy was phenomenal; I find it really hard to find a good yoga instructor.  After class Whole Foods was handing out granola bars and infused water in re-usuable to go bottles.  It was awesome.  I hope that am able to attend more of their classes.  A huge two thumbs up for Lulu Lemon Athletica Fresno.  After my class they were starting a spin class.  I've never done spin because it scares me but I'm going to have to give it a try at Lulu.

I came home and got ready for my sweet friend, Emily Silveira's baby sprinkle.  Emily is having her third baby and her first boy.  We are so excited for the Silveira family and this baby couldn't ask for a better family and sweeter parents.  Emily and Dave are the most genuine and kind people you can meet.  I was so honored to be included in celebrating Emily and Baby S.  Annie Domingos, Kirn Sran, and Kelly Amendola hosted the shower and put on a beautiful event.  Thank you girls for you hospitality.

On Saturday night my girlfriends Dede, Rema, Christina and I went to Summer Sizzle as part of PINC.  It was an 80's theme and so much fun.  There were silent and live auctions, a no host bar, several food booths, a DJ and a band.  The band was a Van Halen tribute band so it was impossible to dance to their music.  I was super disappointed because all I wanted to do was dance.  Despite the music we had so much fun chatting, hanging out, and participating in lots of shenanigans. 

On Sunday we had our family friend's 1st Birthday party which was a Dr. Zeus theme.  Tiffany did a great job with decorating and the girls had lots of fun.  Thank you Adams Family for having us.

On Sunday afternoon Grandma Jill watched the girls and we went to the lake.  We haven't had any free moments to take out our boat so it was awesome to have a free afternoon to relax on the water.  

Goodies from Whole Foods

The beautiful mama to be.

I made a tractor diaper cake because the daddy is a farmer.

Other PINC girls that joined us-Annie D., Brianne, me, Dede, Christina, Rema, and Jessica

Rema kicked all of our butts in Air Hockey.
The adorable birthday boy!!

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