Girls Weekend at the Coast

Last weekend my great girlfriends Pam and Rema and I went to the coast.  On our way we stopped at J Lohr for some wine tasting.  Pam picked this spot because they have non-alcholic wines (No you judgy pants that isn't alcohol in that pic!).  I enjoyed the real thing and made out with two sober drivers.  After J Lohr we drove to Justin Winery. It's quite a drive but totally worth it.  The winery and grounds were gorgeous.  We had lunch here and it was delicious!!!!  After lunch we shopped in downtown SLO and the outlets in Pismo.  We headed to Pam's house to change and then dinner at the Steakhouse at Madonna Inn.  I had never been to the restaurant there and it is a TRIP!!!  I don't think they've touched the place since it's opening.  There was big band playing during dinner which I totally loved; it was a blast from the past.  
On Saturday night I woke up in the middle of the night to thunder and lightening.  When we got up Sunday morning it was pouring; it continued until the afternoon.  So we just went out for breakfast then hung out at the house to relax.  
It was a fun girls weekend; thank you so much Pammy for inviting me!

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