Circus 2015

The tradition lives on....
Kevin and his grandma have gone to the circus for 28 years.  Since he was in high school there have been some additions of nieces and nephews and the group continues to grow.  This year we went with grandma and mom mom (great grandma) and our dear friends Rema and Colton.  I'm not sure who's idea it was to bring a one year old because the circus held her attention for 3 seconds and she didn't sit still for more than 4 seconds.  It was a total chore.  Emily did enjoy the show; thank goodness.
We did miss the motorcycles this year but loved the trampoline section and the BMX bikers.  There also seems to be less animals.

Thank you Mom Mom for taking us to the circus and treating us to lunch!
We love our tradition.



Hugs and Kisses

Laughing after Colton gave her a kiss!

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