Fourth of July 2015

We always have a 4th of July party but this year we decided to take a break.  It honestly broke my heart but it was nice to not have the stress (or the cleanup).  I've been so busy I didn't even decorate my house.  July 4th is one of my favorite holidays so it was crushing that I ran out of time to decorate:(
Instead we celebrated at the Marsh's.  They throw the BEST parties and we had so much fun!  It was a bbq and pool party and tons of fireworks!  Thank you Mike, Pam, and Tinsley for having us.

Here's our gear prior to the 4th.  Love getting in the spirit:

This is what half of my photos look like these days.  Of course I don't post them but I thought I'd share this funniness.

Here's the day of:

Addi and Madi playing together.  Rhyming names and born days apart.

Virgin jello shots for the kiddos.

Snow cone fun.

Only a small amount of fireworks to light off.

Emily calls the Freitas cousins her "cousins."  She loves them; it's so cute!!!  Love that we're carrying on the Foreman/Freitas tradition.  Love this family so much!

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