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I am a minimalist and believe in having just a few toys but when it comes to books I firmly believe you can never have enough.  Children learn so much from stories and more is more when it comes to books.  As an adult I love reading; it's an outlet and escape from the real world, you can go anywhere with a book.  BabyLit believes in this and has merged children stories with adult literature so children and parents can go places together.
BabyLit was so generous to send Emily and Madi three stories: All Aboard California, Treasure Island, and The Secret Garden.  These are fabulous board books which is a must for toddler's.  Our favorite is All Aboard California because it captures the essence of the state.  It's a great way for little ones to learn about all the unique areas of California.  The graphics are amazing as well; bold, bright, and captivating.  The areas highlighted are the desert, the coast, the city (Los Angeles), orange groves, farmland (The Central Valley), the mountains, the vineyards, the bay (SF), and the redwood forest. The Secret Garden is a colorful book filled with different flowers for children to learn.  Treasure Island is wonderful for teaching colors and shapes.

BabyLit not only offers books but also games, totes, dolls, buttons, digital downloads, and prints.

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The Secret Garden
All Aboard California-Desert
All Aboard California- The Coast
All Aboard California- The Mountains
All Aboard California-The Vineyards
All Aboard California- The Bay
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Please tell us a little bit about your company and how you got started:
BabyLit started when our Creative Director, Suzanne Taylor had the idea to make baby books from the classics. The idea struck her in the middle of Target and hit her like a lightning bolt. At that moment she knew she had something.

What has been your greatest lesson in running your business?
The greatest lesson we’ve learned while running this business is to listen to your intuition. When others were told about the idea of BabyLit, a lot didn’t think it would work or how it could work. But Suzanne stuck to what she believed and made people see her vision.

Who inspires you?
So many things inspire us: other creatives’, the outdoors and each other in the company (we all have a passion for something different and that’s great).

What is your mission?
At BabyLit, we believe in the power of reading. Why? Because books take us places. Good places. And when we read with a child, we go places together. It’s more than just reading. It’s learning. It’s experiencing. It’s growing. If a million copies of our books encourage just one parent to read with their child, we will have succeeded.

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