Dirt Don't Hurt-Daddy Daughter Camping Trip

Recently Kevin and Emily went camping up near Redinger Lake.  It was a totally spur of the moment trip and they had so much fun.  They went fishing and Emily got to shoot her Daisy gun for the first time.  Kevin barbecued hot dogs for dinner and they stayed up to watch the stars.  They slept in the back of Kevin's hunting truck so I gather Kevin didn't sleep much at all because Emily snored like a bear.  For breakfast they had scrambled eggs.  I joked to Kevin this had to be the first time Emily saw her daddy prepare food! They then came home mid morning. 
I'm so blessed to have a husband that wants to take his daughter's on adventures.  As soon as Madi is old enough I know they will all be off doing fun things.  
Creating lifetime memories is the best!!

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