Supper Sunday-Meal Planning

This Supper Sunday I'm not sharing a meal but a whole month of meals.  I'm getting a head start on October because October 1st kicks off the craziness.  I always love the start of October because it is the start of the holidays.  We have Kevin's birthday, Halloween, Emily's birthday (along with a dozen friends' birthdays), Thanksgiving, Family Birthdays in December, Christmas, and New Year's.  My anxiety skyrocketed when I was looking at my calendar recently and realized we are booked every weekend until the new year, WHOA!  Anyways back to meal planning.  I had a free afternoon today so I knew I needed to get down to organizing business not only because the holidays are approaching but also because I will be traveling for work twice in the month of October and that just adds to the mix.  Meal planning helps me so much with grocery shopping and knowing what to cook each night.  It eliminates the 3:00pm panic of WFD (What's For Dinner?!?!?!).  I hope this meal planning calendar eliminates some stress for you and inspires you to make your own (or you can copy mine).
I'd love to hear your ideas for easy recipes to add to my calendar.

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