Introducing Chic Little Thrills

I've teamed up with fashionista Lisa Swelback of Chic Little Thrills to introduce her custom T-shirt line.  Graphic Tees are on FLEEK right now and Lisa has the greatest ones.  When I came across this tee I had to have it because it's my current motto "Every Day I'm Hustling" (who am I kidding; this has been my motto since birth)!  The latest on trend sayings are available but you can even put in a custom order.  Lisa is extremely helpful and responsive and has 5 star reviews on Etsy.  It was such a pleasure working with her and I encourage you to check out all of Chic Little Thrills' social media and site.

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Grab a graphic tee at their Etsy site.
This is my daily HUSTLE!

Please tell us a little bit about your company and how you got started: 
I started up this company with the goal of making timeless tee's that will not become dated and can truly be worn now or a few years from now. Me and my boyfriend, we invested in a tee shirt printer and the sky was the limit from there. I do all original designs.

What has been your greatest lesson in running your own business? 

Kindness truly goes a long way. I have also managed to keep a delicate balance between kindness and being taken advantage of. Communication is key. Unfortunately we have to say 'No' sometimes. I had a tough time with this at the beginning. But always, always treat your customers right.

What’s your greatest tip for entrepreneurs?I learned three great things. A- Do not second guess yourself. You can do it! And If you have a hunch, your probably right. B- always be honest and clear when communicating with customers. There's nothing worse than confusing or misleading the client or being confused yourself. Take the guessing games out of the equation. They will love you for it. But always be kind.

What does your normal day look like?Constant designing and networking. I love to create designs that a great for anyone and everyone. So there is a lot of designing involved. Some make the cut and some do not.

Who inspires you?
Etsy does a lot! I would ask myself. What would I wear? Could that be made into a tee? And I put my own spin on it. Generally speaking, something will just pop into my head. I will then immediately ask myself, will this be timeless? Will this work for someone 3 years from now? Does this work for my shop? There's usually a process to this. Then I will create a mock up. and if it works it goes right into the shop. :) I have such a great time playing with fonts too. I usually stick to just a few but one things always leads to another and I will have a new creation suddenly!

The following photos are adapted from Chic Little Thrills:
These are some of my favorite!

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