Mamas on the Loose in Las Vegas

A few weeks ago I took a spur of the moment trip to Las Vegas.  My best friend Gina's sister (who is like a sister to me) just got a new job and was training in Vegas.  Gina asked me if I wanted to go and stay with Giovanna.  I couldn't pass up a trip to Vegas with the added bonus of a free place to stay.  The majorly unfortunate part was flying Allegiant Air.  Our flight was delayed several hours on Friday so we got in much later than anticipated.  Giovanna picked us up once we finally arrived and we headed straight to dinner at a local restaurant.  We finished dinner so late that we just went back to the hotel to crash (case #1 of being too old).   On Saturday morning we lounged by the hotel pool and then once everyone was up and ready we headed to the strip.  We did the smallest amount of gambling and all lost our huge bet of $20 on the first round of CRAPS. Gina and I then headed to the pool party Liquid at The Aria.  We did get in for free but gone are the days that we were offered a cabana (case #2 of being old).  We made friends with girls on a bachelorette party and hung out in the pool for the afternoon.  Between the sun, a couple of drinks, and no lunch I didn't last too long partying by the pool (case #3 of being old).  That evening we all went to Zarkana which was a great show by Cirque du Soleil.  After the show we ate at The Foundation Room which is on the top of Mandalay Bay.  The food and the views are outstanding.  We finished the evening not in a club but in the bar on the casino floor (case #4 of being old).  It was so funny because we had so much fun dancing to the 75 year old band instead of listening to house music in a club.  
Sunday we headed to Red Rock Casino because it was close to where we were staying.  It's a beautiful resort that I would love to go back to.  I won $8 on my first round of penny slots so I cashed out my big winnings and didn't play again, lol!!!!
We then headed to the airport and a VERY long story short we were delayed about 8 hours and 4 of those hours were stuck on a plane.  We got on and off a plane 3 times and it was the biggest travel nightmare of my life!!!  The staff was terrible and the service was unspeakable.  After 6 hours of waiting they were so kind to offer us a $8 voucher for food.  That literally bought 1.5 bottles of water; you couldn't get a thing.  Also it was a Sunday night so most spots in the airport were closed.
We finally made it home in the middle of the night.  Believe you me Allegiant will be hearing from me!!!
Besides the terrible traveling we had a great trip!!!! Thank you Gina for inviting me and thank you Pecchenino's for including me in such a fun weekend!



My big winning hand!

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